Silkscreening is a technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. This is most commonly seen on parts that have already been processed through a number of metal finishes. This allows for a very graphic and visual end product. Screen printing is more versatile than traditional printing methods, such as etching or lithography, as it does not have to be printed under pressure. A variety of different inks can be used to screen print almost any material or object.

JMD Industries screen printing capabilities include:

• Part Marking
• Part Identification
• Graphics
• Artwork Creation
• Gloss/flat inks
• Variety of colors
• Metals
• Plastics

Our in house screen burning allows for quick and easy art work creation. Simply send us your print, we create
the artwork, and your screen is made within hours, not days. Click here for a fast quote >>