JMD Introduces New, State-of-the-Art Control Solutions Laboratory

As JMD Industries begins to develop into a top supplier of metal finishing, our staff and building continue to expand to accommodate the increase in quality. We are excited to announce that a great deal of renovations and advancements are continuing to occur throughout the company.

In recent years, we have focused our efforts on expanding multiple aspects of our facility. For the first time in two decades, our Control Solutions Laboratory, located in the main building, has been completely revamped. With the incredible team that spent countless hours striving towards completion, the Control Solutions Lab has been upgraded with the finest technology and equipment for our staff.

The brand-new equipment has enabled our personnel to continue their hard work⁠— confirming that every plating bath our customer’s parts go through are high quality, regulated, and reach the standard we have set as a company.

Solution control is always a top commitment here at JMD Industries. We now feel as though our lab accurately exhibits the same amount of attention and standards our clients have received, and will continue to receive, for years.

An enormous thank you to our construction worker, Jason, and his team. With their expertise, this lab can go above and beyond for our clients – existing and future!

Allison Viger