New Anodize & Chromate Line Renovation!

Building The Tray

Positioning The Tanks

Installing the Hoods

Building The Catwalk

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Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot started his career in manufacturing when he was just 17. His eagerness to learn and natural ability to absorb knowledge set him apart from the rest of the pack. He quickly rose in the ranks, from assembler, to group leader, to engineer— taking on new responsibilities every time opportunities were presented, including starting his own businesses.

Jeff joined the JMD team at the start of 2017, bringing forth fresh ideas for new revenue streams and implementing the controlled procedures necessary to ensure consistent workmanship.

He constantly uncovers new methods for continuous improvement, while documenting and controlling the improved procedures. Jeff’s background as a graphic artist set his documenting skills apart from the typical mundane work instructions. His experience with 2D & 3D software allow JMD to take on projects that the feeble would shy away from.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys challenging sports such as BMX, snowboarding, and golf. He constantly pushes himself to be greater, for reasons he can only describe as euphoric. He also has passion for cars and all things fast. Whether its racing, or just looking good, you can bet he’ll have a smile on his face!