Need Metal Plating done FAST?

Have a project that needs immediate attention? We have the service for you.

Our rush services are catered to the specific client who has a deadline to meet, and our fastest service is offered at just 5 Hours!

How can we offer the service & maintain quality? Here’s how:

Experience – Over 30 years providing metal finishing speaks for itself.

Skill – Only developing the best workers, techniques, and processes in the business; our model is based around perfection.

The Guarantee – We’ve guaranteed that you will get the same quality finishing, in our fastest time possible. That means we must perform as we say, or your money back!

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Chief Information Officer
TJ started developing websites as an adolescent, and quickly became fluent in the many coding languages and hardware infrastructure that come with the trade. He spent the next 17 years refining his skills in information technology, while starting business ventures in a array of industries.

JMD welcomed TJ to the team in 2012, and he, over the years, has transformed their technology sector to an unrecognizable, modern layout that matches the unparalleled quality of JMD's metal finishing.

His experience and ingenuity, coupled with JMD's establishment as a top metal finishing company in the United States, has brought the JMD production team to the leading forefront of the cyber-world.