JMD Industries Explores the Universe with SpaceX

There are very few things in life that are more exciting than a spacecraft. They’re the focus of hit Hollywood movies, they’ve graced the cover of newspapers for decades, and they’re featured in the childhood dreams of countless, ambitious young girls and boys.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., better known to the public as SpaceX, is one of the few companies developing these revered flying machines. But developing them correctly, as many know, takes a special type of finesse.

Like any high-tech device paving the way towards humanity’s future, there’s always a risk of failing when it comes time for execution. Innovation feeds off of bold, new ideas; and the (often stressful) period of implementing those ideas can go awry in more ways than one. Though companies like SpaceX have the brains to mitigate the risks that come with testing those ideas, everyone who has achieved success, at some point or another, knows that failures do happen.

In the IT (Information Technology) world, those types of failures are anticipated and dealt with by way of many different kinds of automatic corrections. One of those correction methods, HA (High Availability), creates a carbon-copy structure of whatever type of IT service is provided, taking over when the other fails. Another method, RAID, is a backup solution that stripes data across multiple hard drives. With RAID 5, any failed drive can simply be hot-swapped, even in the most vital live-production environment. However, unlike those IT devices, neither carbon-copying a rocket, nor live-striping the rocket’s parts with some type of non-invented, quantum physics time-machine would be fiscally responsible. A third correction method in the digital world, is something called QoS (Quality of Service). Quality of Service comes into play when a company grants a higher quality-level of service to certain data transfer methods in order to prevent any type of failure in the chain of communication. QoS is very similar to what space exploration projects need at a time when failure is not an option: Quality Control.

Just like the server that runs the company you work for, space exploration missions are expensive. In fact, about 60,000 times more expensive than a typical high-performance server. Because of the extremely high cost of failure, there is no arguing that what SpaceX needs before all else in its mission-critical parts, is absolute assurance of quality beyond your average scope. So why do SpaceX and other technically precise companies choose JMD to provide the highest quality metal finishing for their live-production parts? The answer is simple: we’re obsessed with the quality of everything we do.

As we approach our 40th anniversary in providing metal finishing from the center of New England, we’re hat-tipping the past, but powering towards our future. Our goal is to prove just how focused on quality we really are. In just the past twelve months, we’ve been awarded a respected certification in quality control, and are actively working around-the-clock to provide even more military-grade and mars-worthy certification-levels to our customers.

Manufacturers for SpaceX, and others, have noted this in our facilities; and we’re beyond proud to be approved by and part of these inspiring, world-changing companies.

In the same way that we run our IT infrastructure, we’ll continue to strive for QoS in everything that we do, so that we can continue to play our part in the ever-advancing world of technology. The team here at JMD is excited for an innovatory future with our clients, as we all come together to venture into Earth’s solar system and beyond.

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Chief Information Officer
TJ started developing websites as an adolescent, and quickly became fluent in the many coding languages and hardware infrastructure that come with the trade. He spent the next 17 years refining his skills in information technology, while starting business ventures in a array of industries.

JMD welcomed TJ to the team in 2012, and he, over the years, has transformed their technology sector to an unrecognizable, modern layout that matches the unparalleled quality of JMD's metal finishing.

His experience and ingenuity, coupled with JMD's establishment as a top metal finishing company in the United States, has brought the JMD production team to the leading forefront of the cyber-world.