JMD Strengthens Environmental Health & Safety Protocols with New Hire

At JMD, our “hotword” throughout the last quarter has been “refinery.” In metallurgy (the domain of material science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements), “refining” is the act of purifying an impure metal. Our department heads have each performed extensive analysis throughout the late-autumn to determine how we can purify the standards that our company has spent over 40 years proudly developing.

While we worked long hours fine-tuning our facilities in anticipation of 2018, we felt one area that could use a boost is our overall effort to be as safe as possible for the workforce, the customer, and the environment. We set a goal: find the right woman or man to make this area of concern something we can smile ear-to-ear about.

Enter Trevor Dodge.

Upon meeting Trevor, you might think his affable personality, positive attitude, and calm demeanor would make being a stickler for safety an impossible task; but with over 15 years experience in developing workplace safety programs for a number of different businesses, he’s learned the right way to go about it. His unique process not only helps establish safety goals, but launches them in a manner that avoids disrupting the normal workday in an abrupt and unwelcome tone.

When Trevor enters a company as a new consultant, he first determines where they are at to establish a baseline. He then performs risk assessments, evaluates the work environment by way of travel paths, analyzes root-cause scenarios for events like trips and falls, and outlines a new plan to not only mitigate potential safety concerns for the company and their customer, but eradicate many of the concerns completely.

“Every company has their own idea of safety before I walk in,” said Trevor. “I can walk into a Fortune 500 and find many holes in their safety protocols, and at the same time can walk into a mom-and-pop shop and find no holes whatsoever.”

Trevor is currently hard at work constructing exciting new safety formalities for our company to adhere to; which will ensure an even better experience for our successful clientele. With some of our clients being acquired by bigger companies, others being revamped, and others trying to get to Mars, we have made it our goal to cement policies in this final quarter to fortify our company as an establishment that anyone can rely on— rely on for both assurance in the process of reaching timely and amazing finishes, and rely on for the highest level of safety throughout the process.

We look forward to working with Trevor to make these refinery points a reality for the new year.

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Chief Information Officer
TJ started developing websites as an adolescent, and quickly became fluent in the many coding languages and hardware infrastructure that come with the trade. He spent the next 17 years refining his skills in information technology, while starting business ventures in a array of industries.

JMD welcomed TJ to the team in 2012, and he, over the years, has transformed their technology sector to an unrecognizable, modern layout that matches the unparalleled quality of JMD's metal finishing.

His experience and ingenuity, coupled with JMD's establishment as a top metal finishing company in the United States, has brought the JMD production team to the leading forefront of the cyber-world.