JMD Industries Client Plays Pivotal Role in Hurricane Cleanup

Working in the metal finishing industry as an order entry specialist, I almost never know what the parts we are finishing actually go to. Simple descriptions and prints tell a short story of a part, but I always find myself asking, “What does this really go to?”

Today, while getting ready for work and listening to the morning news, that question was answered by one of JMD’s customers. JMD has been doing business with Continental Biomass Industries for 10+ years. The majority of their parts are big, heavy, and made of steel. I often don’t know what these parts are used for, after the production process. To my surprise, they are assembled into a big machine that is currently bringing hope to Southern United States!

Continental Biomass Industries manufactures the 6800 BT Horizontal Grinder, an industrial wood-grinding machine that is powerful enough to devour fallen trees in seconds. This machine is playing a vital role in the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma cleanup. “We’re in the business of getting people back to normal,” says CBI representative Art Murphy. After the recent widespread devastation caused by the hurricanes, the 6800 BT Horizontal Grinders are exactly what those hard-hit areas need to aid in a speedy recovery.

Allison Viger