Nickel Alloy

Nickel Alloy Electroplating

Nickel Alloy Electroplating may be used in place of BW-162-P when eliminating hexavalent chromium from zinc/zinc alloy electroplated surface treatments.Specs:
Type 1 – No topcoat
Type 2 – With topcoat

Grade A- 0.0002 min. electroplating thickness
Grade B- 0.0003 min. electroplating thickness
Grade C- 0.0004 min. electroplating thickness

Class 1 categories
SB- single layer bright nickel deposits
SD- single layer dull or semi-brigth deposits
M- multilayer nickel deposits

Colored trivalent finishes are available in clear, blue-bright, yellow, olive drab, and black. Unless the drawing specifies otherwise, all plated parts shall be given a uniform clear to blue-bright trivalent chromate coating. Other chromate colors may be specified for identification purposes and shall meet all corrosion resistance requirements herein.

Nickel Alloy Electroplating is a RoHS compliant metal finish.