New Hampshire NADCAP & ISO Metal Finishing

This spring, we at JMD began the implementation of our multi-facility ISO 9001:2015 program. This most recent revision to our quality management system represents an important first step towards process control improvements. These improvements are directed at providing our customers with the best possible products and services available in the area. In April, our staff and consultants reviewed the final requirements needed to ensure a smooth, live audit by the registrars; which is scheduled for early August.

Upon successful acceptance of our registration, the second phase of our goal will be to begin preparations for the NADCAP portion of the QMS upgrades. Important acquisitions of processing materials and inspection/testing of equipment have been realized; along with installation of a new, highly efficient “micro-filtration waste-water pre-treatment” system.

Although the work has been hard, the team at JMD has been optimistic and excited about the improvements overall, and look forward to achieving the benefits from all of their efforts. We have been very pleased with the group effort and team spirit at JMD. We hope these improvements help to keep the company moving forward with the same “can-do” atmosphere we have become accustomed to over the years!